Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WOW It's WhAcKeD OuT WeDnEsDaY Again!!!!

First I want to tell you about a contest I happened to find for some great Valentines Day themed prizes Head to Bitty Bits to check it out. It ends soon so go get your name in on it now. Please let her know I sent you, I get an extra 5 votes for that.
I have bought a bunch of yarn in the last couple weeks. It is all for specific projects not just random buying. I got it all from Hand Made in Eagle Idaho. They just moved into a great new building and have this excellent sale going on. You can check out their online store in the previous link. I think my friend Deb and I are going to escape on Saturday and head that way (because one can never have enough yarn). I want to get some Alpaca for a shawl for my MIL and maybe some Flat Feet sock yarn. Google that one I can't find just a link for Flat Feet but it is some neat stuff.Here is what I bought so far.

Hope your Wednesday wasn't too Whacked Out.
Hugs & Kisses


Aunt Kathy said...

You know I have never been in a REAL yarn shop. I feel so deprived. But then again I have NO $$ so maybe it's a good thing, {sigh}

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Great haul of yumminess:)Hugs Darcy

cici said...

I love your blog!!!!It's beautiful.I totally agree, you can never have enough yarn.. All we need is the time to knit it up:]

Laurie~Let's Knit It said...

thanks Cici I sure am having fun with it.